Heavy Metal Detoxification

Chlorella and Cilantro Protocol to remove Heavy Metals.
  • 100mg per Kg body weight each day of Chlorella (buy Jarrow 1Kg powder)
    Note: 1 Teaspoon contains approx 3.5grams of Chlorella.
    Note: Add Chlorella to a glass of water, stir well and drink.

  • a squeezed handful of fresh Cilantro (aka Chinese Parsley or Coriander) each day.
    Note: Take 30 minutes after the Chlorella.
    Note: Juice with other veges.

The Science behind the Treatment
Chlorella intake is effective in reducing Mercury accumulations in tissues, including the brain, through enhanced excretions in faeces and urine. (1)

Chlorella intake is effective in reducing Lead accumulations in the blood, liver and kidneys. (2)

Chlorella is useful in detoxifying Cadmium. (3)

Cilantro (aka Chinese Parsley or Coriander) accelerates the excretion of Mercury, Lead and Aluminium from the body through the urine. (4)

Cilantro was observed to remove inorganic (Hg2+) and methyl Mercury (CH3Hg+) from aqueous solutions with good efficiency. (5)

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