Recommended Treatment Protocol for Erectile Dysfunction.

To increase nitric oxide production.
To be taken twice a day inbetween meals on an empty stomach
The Science behind the Treatment
Pycnogenol, in addition to its antioxidant activity, stimulates the release of Nitric Oxide from the lining of blood vessels. (1)

This Nitric Oxide is formed from L-Arginine. (2)

Penile erection requires the relaxation of the cavernous smooth muscle, which is triggered by nitric oxide (NO). We investigated the possibility of overcoming erectile dysfunction by increasing the amounts of Nitric Oxide. For this purpose, we orally administered Pycnogenol, because it is known to increase production of Nitric Oxide by nitric oxide syntase together with L-arginine as substrate for this enzyme. The study included 40 men. After the third month of treatment, 92.5% of the men experienced a normal erection. We conclude that oral administration of L-arginine in combination with Pycnogenol causes a significant improvement in sexual function in men with Erectile Dysfunction without any side effects. (3)

Decreased bioavailability of Nitric Oxide is associated with arterial stiffness, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and cardiovascular disease. (4)

Nitric Oxide has well-established properties of decreasing blood clots and inhibiting oxidation of cholesterol. (1)

Moreover, there is some evidence that erectile function continues to improve the longer this therapy is used. (5)

What causes Erectile Dysfunction?
Erectile dysfunction generally occurs due to a lack of Nitric Oxide being produced by the cells lining your blood vessels, due in turn by damage to these cells (ie Free Radical damage to the lining of your blood vessels). This is why erectile dysfunction is commonly associated with cardiovascular disease. Nitric Oxide works through other chemical messengers (cGMP) to relax the blood vessels and increase the delivery of blood to an area causing in this case, an erection.

When excitement drops, Nitric Oxide production drops and another chemical (PDE) which is constantly degrading the Nitric Oxide messenger (cGMP) succeeds and constricts the blood vessels in the penis, so it goes flacid.

Viagra works by blocking the chemical (PDE) that destroys the Nitric Oxide messenger (cGMP) in the penis. This system works well but has side effects in some people. Also it does nothing to correct the underlying problem.

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