Unexplained & Persistent Fatigue

The following advice is for people who suffer from Chronic Fatigue and their doctor is unable to diagnose any underlying medical condition, like cancer, hypothyroidism, infections, etc.

Overlooked Causes of Chronic Fatigue
Cause Solution
Viral Load (1) Bravo Probiotic.
Mercury Toxicity (2) DMSA urine provocation test & Heavy Metal Detox.
Lack of Acceptance & Emotional Tension (3) Heartmath Coherence Training.
Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal axis dysfunction "Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome" (4) Adrenal and Thyroid Self Test.
How to manage Adrenal Fatigue by Dr Mike Foster.
Heartmath Coherence Training.
Small Heart with low cardiac output (5) Regular aerobic exercise.
Mitochondrial Dysfunction (6) Mitochondrial function profile test.

It is useful to consider the following ...
  • We get most of our energy from breathing well. Relaxed, rhythmic, full inhales and exhales. With natural movement, we inhale with muscle contraction and exhale on muscle relaxation.
  • Secondly we get energy from an efficient digestion system. This area is full of nerves making localised decisions and easily upset by negative emotions. Love (acceptance, gratitude, kindness, patience, etc) is the main solution to upset digestion (7). However it is also advisable to eat the unprocessed caveman diet "meat, veges, fruit".
  • Sleep is important. We recharge out batteries overnight. An overactive or agitated mind will stop us sleeping well and leave us tired in the morning. One answer to this is to cultivate the idea that "everything happens for the best" and to maintain concentration of the awareness on the internal pressure sensors (mechanoreceptors) as we go to sleep (body awareness of fullness and heaviness). More superficial is the tingling from the unstimulated pain receptors.
  • In Fatigue we are either not converting enough energy from breath and food (hyperventilation, nutritional deficiencies, chemical toxins), or we are burning it up in conflict (physical and emotional tension, bacteria, virus, fungi, chemical). Often the problem involves more than one factor.

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